lap, 2001

lap, 2001

Crocheted shoelaces, industrial rubberbands.

“Lap” was the first large scale installation for which crocheted portions of the work were made exclusively with shoelaces.  The work utilized shadows as a secondary image-making device, a natural evolution of my earlier work but without the interpretive wall drawings. Conceived as a drawing in itself, “Lap” set out the basic methodology of subsequent installations. All parts were made in my studio – in my lap— then tossed into a large box. This “raw material” was then shipped to the institutional setting via inexpensive commercial shipping (UPS or Fed Ex). The entire work was constructed on site using the pre-made parts, a stock of untied laces and industrial rubber bands. “Lap” traced the circular wall of the gallery and opened at the end into a tent structure, testing the boundaries between drawing and image, thing and architecture. “Lap” was to be de-installed with my supervision the weekend after 9/11/2001. With no flights out of New York, I sent instructions to “cut it out of the space and into pieces easy to box” and had it shipped back by the same economical means. In retrospect, these events had an undeniable impact on my desire to craft monumental, ephemeral installations.

Commissioned for Energy Inside, Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA.


Dan Strong


Lesley Wright and Lilly Wei, Energy Inside, Grinnell, IA: Grinnell College, 2001