CONGREGATION 2013 106 Green Street, Brooklyn, NY CONGREGATION is the work of a dozen artists gathered together using a rubric of organization lodged inside the mind of artist Sheila Pepe. Much like the field of operation used in her own work, Pepe gathers together a small cohort of colleagues into a chorus resonant with a rich expression of shared differences.Each artist in the exhibition uses specific materials precisely within a large field of craft (and craft-less) operations. As we might expect, these paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and prints, map an array of image making, picturing and signage strategies. Objecthood is palpable in all works; bodies are present even if peripherally. Each artist claims a strong subject position, and yet no work succumbs to simple explication. Artists in CONGREGATION include: Michael Berryhill, Nancy Bowen, Carla Edwards, Christopher Carroll, Paola Ferrario, Raque Ford, Tom Forkin, Sarah Hewitt, Anthony Iacona, Nat Meade, Sondra Perry, Barbara Takenaga References + Visual Notes: An additional group of artists – teachers, mentors and affiliates – have been asked to provide smalls works to stand as references and “ footnotes” to be added mid-exhibition. Each member of this group has been asked to address particular works or constellations thereof. These artists include: Stephen Westfall, Arthur Simms, RELAX: Chiarenza + Hauser +Co, Diana Puntar, Byron Kim, Lucy Fradkin, Mathew Brannon, and others…
MOTHER MAY I 2007 Campbell Soady Gallery, New York, NY
NO LEMONS, NO MELONS 2006 David Krut Projects, New York, NY – co-curated with Carrie Moyer“No Lemons, No Melon” included works by eleven established and emerging artists:  Lynda Benglis, Fritz Buehner, Jenny Dubnau, Robert MacDonald, John Monti, Bruce Pearson, Kay Rosen, James Siena, Shellburne Thurber, Anthony Viti, and Carrie Yamaoka. The exhibition looked into the human attraction to symmetry through painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and video – a range of media that simultaneously reiterates and confounds our desire for mirroring and perfection.
MY MOTHER IS AN ARTIST 2003 Gallery at the Educational Alliance, New York, NYApril 24 – May 29, 2003”My Mother’s An Artist”An exhibit of artwork by established and emerging artists along side the artwork of their mothers. Including: Linda Benglis and Margaret Leah Blackwelder, Robert Krushner and Dorothy Kushner, Alison Saar and Betye Saar, Harriet Shorr and Adele Arner Shorr and Sasha Baguskas, Mira Schor and Resia Schor. Yvonne Jacquette and Tom Burkhardt, Polly Apeflbaum and Nancy Abel and Lilian Weil, Jane Fine and Cecile Fine, Judy Glantzman and Muriel Taub Glantzman, Fritz Buehner and Marjorie Joslyn Buehner, Sheila Pepe and Josephine C. Pepe and other artists and their mothers. Shelia Pepe, curator

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CLOSE TO YOU 1999 Green Street, Boston, MA. Sheila Pepe charged Fritz Buehner, Robin Dash and herself with the task of selecting one other artist (each) for an “Artists select Artists” exhibit. But in the process of looking at who was creatively interesting or influential to the making of their own work each of the “selectors” came to an equally unexpected and undeniable realization. The person that was closest to them or one of the other artists in the exhibit–not some famous artist or writer far removed–but a partner, lover or spouse, also an artist, was the obvious choice. The result is an honest illumination of the relationships that often invisibly support and enrich the act of creating art.